DITA Festa Tokyo

December 5 - 7th, 2017

Tokyo, Japan

Join IXIASOFT at DITA Festa 2017, December 5-7, in Tokyo, Japan. We are a proud exhibitor at the event and Nobutoshi Murata, IXIASOFT K.K. Representative Director, will be a among the presenters.  We hope to see you there!

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CIDM RIDE - Austin 2017

December 6, 2017

Austin, Texas

The RIDE is CIDM’s new one-day regional conference, designed to provide a “highlight reel” of the innovative and successful strategies that leading companies are taking in the area of information development. IXIASOFT is a proud sponsor of RIDE and will be [...]

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Ideas Online

January 23 - 24th, 2018


Join us at the CIDM’s Winter IDEAS Online Conference, January 23-24, 2018. IXIASOFT is honored to be a sponsor and speaker. Fashioning Style Guides for Your Technical Communications Team by Keith Schengili-Roberts, IXIASOFT Market Researcher and DITA [...]

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