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Leigh White, IXIASOFT DITA Specialist, Presenting at DITA-OT Day 2014

November 20, 2014

Munich, Germany

Leigh's Presentation: 14:30-15:10

PDFs from the DITA Open Toolkit: The Easy and the Not So Easy

Leigh White, DITA Specialist at IXIASOFT, will be presenting at DITA-OT Day on November, 20th, 2014 from 14:30-15:10. Leigh's presentation, PDFs from the DITA Open Toolkit: The Easy and the Not So Easy, will discuss:

  • How to give the DITA-OT's default PDF output much of your own look and feel with a few simple changes
  • How these changes might be all you need to get the ball rolling if you need to develop a DITA proof of concept for your organization

Join Leigh to find out what's easy to do, what's not quite so easy to do, and where the real heavy lifting is.

Organized by the developers of Oxygen XML Author, this event is taking place on November 20th - the post-conference day following the Content Management Strategies/DITA Europe Conference, in Munich, Germany (at the same location, the Holiday Inn Munich - City Centre).

If you cannot be in Munich on November 20th, you can still be part of this event by attending the meeting virtually. Register for the virtual conference at