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Japan Technical Communication Symposium - Kyoto

Join IXIASOFT at the Kyoto TC Symposium 2017, Oct 4-7, in Japan. In addition to encouraging the development of technical communication skills, the symposium contributes to the promotion of the Japanese industry. TC skills increase the value of products and services by providing the customer with highly reliable information for their use. 

We are a proud exhibitor at the event and Nobutoshi Murata, IXIASOFT K.K. Representative Director, will be a among the presenters:

From Creating to Publishing DITA Content

Introduction to create DITA content with DITA CMS

Date:  Thursday, October 5

Time: 2pm to 3pm

DITA is an international standard that overseas hundreds of companies use for document production. Due to its reusability, its significant cost reduction including translation process, and production time shortening, the number of users is increasing year after year in Japan as well.

In addition, with the spread of solutions in dynamic delivery in recent years, it has become possible to enjoy the benefits of introducing DITA not only on the document production side but also on the user side, due to its high searchability advantages.
In this session, we will be using IXIASOFT DITA CMS, provided by IXIASOFT Technology inc. and Fluid Topics, Antidot, which IXIASOFT is reselling in Japan, in multiple formats, including dynamic delivery. We will also describe concrete business cases  "simultaneous delivery" workflows.

Documentation Innovation

Creating marketing collaterals and service manuals using DITA

Date: Friday, October 6

Time: 11:30am to 12:30pm

In the manufacturing industry, DITA has been mainly used, such as in instruction manuals and other product manuals, but in recent corporate activities, there is a movement to convert all information in the company into DITA.

In this presentation, the DITA Consortium Japan will mainly elaborate on cases of DITA utilization by overseas and domestic companies.