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IXIASOFT releases TEXTML Server 3.1 featuring the TEXTML Fault Tolerance Server

Fail-safe reliability of TEXTML FTS ensures uninterrupted operations of mission-critical systems

San Francisco, CA - IXIASOFT, the native XML database and information retrieval market leader, announces the release of TEXTML Server 3.1 featuring the TEXTML Fault Tolerance Server (FTS). TEXTML Server is a powerful XML database and advanced search engine for the storage, indexing, and retrieval of XML content. TEXTML FTS, used in conjunction with TEXTML Server, will ensure that two or more servers and TEXTML Document Bases installed in parallel are synchronized at all times enabling immediate access to backup servers in the case of a hardware failure. TEXTML Server 3.1 is currently the only native XML database to offer the fail-safe reliability of TEXTML FTS to customers that depend on uninterrupted operations of mission-critical systems.

According to JP Chauvet, IXIASOFT's VP of Sales and Marketing "We work closely with our integration and OEM partners to understand and anticipate the needs of customers.The inclusion of TEXTML FTS in release 3.1 demonstrates our commitment to delivering quality enterprise software that enables our partners to build robust, high-performance applications with the added reliability of a Swiss watch."

The TEXTML FTS will be available in the Enterprise FT Edition of TEXTML Server, or as an upgrade for existing systems.

About TEXTML Server:
TEXTML Server is a native XML database and search engine for storing, indexing and retrieving XML content, and the first embeddable XML server for OEMs and developers of XML applications. It is designed as an OEM product to build document-centric XML applications, such as web content management systems, editorial content management systems, or digital asset management systems where the content consists mostly of rich semi-structured information. The key advantages of TEXTML Server include the ability to combine full-text and metadata search, speed of execution, schema independence, ease of integration, and aggressive OEM-geared pricing model.

IXIASOFT develops and distributes TEXTML Server, an XML database and search engine whose purpose is to store, index and retrieve XML content. IXIASOFT is the only true provider of document-centric XML servers specializing in the storage and publishing of XML documents. IXIASOFT enjoys a global customer base with various vertical markets such as aerospace, cross-media publishing, energy, and government. Strategic partners include Adobe, Altova, Blast Radius, Ektron, General Dynamics, and Microsoft. IXIASOFT is a voting member of the W3C.

Contact information:

Lora Baiocco
Verrecchia Group Communications

Caroline Couvrette
Marketing Director