Privacy Policy

IXIASOFT respects the privacy of users who visit each of the sites within the IXIASOFT network. The following policies are in effect for all of the Web pages owned and operated by IXIASOFT and are in place to demonstrate our firm commitment to your privacy.

No Spam

We often ask users to provide their e-mail address before downloading trial products, purchasing, or subscribing to our e-newsletter. In some cases such as when you order, your billing address or other personal information will be requested.

IXIASOFT maintains a strict "no-spam" policy. Your e-mail address or mailing address will not be sold or rented to a third party.

If you sign up for an e-mail newsletter, trial product, or product purchase at a IXIASOFT site, you may receive occasional follow up e-mails from IXIASOFT to inform you of product promotions or news.


If at anytime you wished to be removed from our e-newsletter, trial product, or customer list you may request to be removed by e-mailing us now. Removals are usually done within 24 hours.

If at anytime you wish to change or update any personal information provided to us, simply e-mail us with the requested changes. 


All data collected on our secure product order forms will be encrypted for your security and privacy.


From time to time, IXIASOFT may send a cookie to your computer. This information is collected to identify your account with the source of advertising that brought you to the site or to or to personalize your browsing experience.

IP address

When a visitor requests pages at any IXIASOFT site, our Web servers automatically recognize the browser’s domain name and IP address as most Web sites do. This information is collected for statistical and diagnostic purposes only.

If you have questions about our privacy policy, e-mail us or call in North America : 1.877.279.IXIA. It is our goal to provide a private, risk-free experience with our company.