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At IXIASOFT, we are committed to providing the most innovative CCMS solution that allows your organization to author, manage and translate your content effectively and in a timely manner.

Built to manage DITA content

Built to manage DITA content

DITA CMS was designed, from the ground up, to manage DITA content.
It is 100% DITA compliant and supports:

  • All DITA 1.3 functionalities, including scoped keys, troubleshooting topic type, enhancements to conditional processing, increased support for producing user assistance, and new domains
  • Specializations of any DITA topic or map
  • Using any version of the DITA OT and ensuring that plugins will work


Robust and enterprise-class

Robust and enterprise-class

DITA CMS is a highly scalable solution designed to easily manage millions of DITA objects and hundreds of concurrent users. It provides global organizations with a content store that is easily accessible by dispersed documentation teams. Specific enterprise-class features include:

  • Replication servers to provide local instances of DITA CMS to remote teams
  • Fault tolerance to support clustering between servers
  • Multi-platform: server-side (Windows, Linux) and client-side (Windows, Linux, Mac)

All of these features ensure that DITA CMS will pass the most rigorous IT department tests!

Smart collaboration across the organization

Smart collaboration across the organization

The DITA CMS web platform ensures a smart collaboration across the organization with a complete integration of non-technical writers - such as SMEs, engineers, and reviewers - into the documentation process. This web platform was designed to make it easy for them to interact with the content, thus increasing content accuracy and overall team productivity.

  • Microsoft® Word-like experience – intuitive interface allowing anyone to easily create and edit content, track changes, add comments and manage images
  • No DITA knowledge required – DITA complexity is hidden from the users
  • User-friendly interface – easy-to-use web platform for optimized collaboration between technical writers and SMEs/engineers/reviewers
Flexible publishing engine

Flexible publishing engine

The Output Generator is the publishing engine of DITA CMS. It is an extremely flexible, server-based component, which allows our customers to be very independent in the way they manage their outputs:

  • It can be used with any version of the DITA OT
  • Out-of-the-box support for PDF, XML, HTML, CHM, EclipseHelp and WebHelp 
  • Its open architecture enables users to replace the DITA OT by any transformation engine (ex. ePublisher) or connects to your existing build system
  • Out-of-the-box support for PDF rendering tools such as Antenna House or RenderX
  • Integrates with dynamic publishing systems like DITAweb, Fluid Topics or Mindtouch
  • It is scalable and supports the most demanding output requirements
A <em>best-of-breed</em> approach

A best-of-breed approach

At IXIASOFT, we are dedicated to offering our customers a complete, end-to-end CCMS solution. In order to achieve this, we've partnered with the top players in the DITA field to complement DITA CMS's offering: 

  • DITA authoring: Oxygen and XMetal
  • Terminology management: Acrolinx  and HyperSTE 
  • PDF rendering: Antenna House and RenderX
  • WebHelp: Oxygen and Suite Help
  • Dynamic publishing: DITAweb, SuiteShare, Mindtouch, Fluid Topics

All of these partner solutions can easily be used together with DITA CMS. IXIASOFT is also a reseller for most of these partners – meaning that we’re a one-stop-shop for you!

Localization support

Localization support

Moving to DITA helps global organizations reach international markets efficiently while controlling costs. By supporting the localization process, DITA CMS enables these companies to realize a quick ROI as they instantly save on translation costs. Localization features include:

  • Fully UNICODE compliant - supports any language
  • Automatically reuses already translated content and compares existing translations, so content that has already been translated is never sent out to translators
  • Supports both DITA or XLIFF format enabling organizations to work with any Translation Management System that uses these standards
  • Localization Scheduler - a configurable tool that automates the localization process by connecting DITA CMS with any Translation Management System (including SDL World Server, Trados and XTM Suite). A best-of-breed approach that brings utmost flexibility.

Unified interface

Based on the Eclipse Framework, DITA CMS integrates with the two most advanced DITA editors available today: oXygen and XMetaL. These editors are embedded directly within the UI allowing users to perform any CMS action – from searching and authoring, to using the DITA Map Editor, viewing content dependencies and rapidly finding reusable text elements – all from within a single user interface. This "in-context editing" is a unique advantage that our customers truly value. 

Built on a native XML database

DITA CMS relies on our powerful TEXTML Server, a native XML database, to manage all content produced by the documentation team. Because it’s a native XML database, support for DITA specializations is seamless. Organizations can scale up or scale out with TEXTML Server: it is recognized for its scalability and was designed to manage large number of users and high volumes of content.

Version management

Content is never lost as DITA CMS automatically keeps tracks of all content revisions and user comments. Users may revert to older revisions and/or use the diff compare tool which highlights differences between two revisions. DITA CMS also provides a “Snapshot” feature allowing users to record the state of an entire document at a specific point in time. The combination of these features provides organizations with full audit trail capabilities.

Branching and Dynamic Release Management

Out-of-the-box, DITA CMS provides branching functionalities to support the maintenance of released sets of documentation. In addition, organizations who manage a large number of product lines or need to author multiple versions in parallel, will truly benefit from Dynamic Release Management, an optional DITA CMS module which brings complete flexibility and all-around clarity to the management of your product releases.

Flexible workflow

The workflow engine of DITA CMS can easily be configured to support and match any organization’s business processes. Each object type can follow its own approval cycle. With functionalities such as task assignment, email triggers and ToDo lists, users will never wonder what needs to be worked on and when it’s due – making sure the delivery of your documentation is timely.

Powerful search

Advanced search is key to efficient content reuse. DITA CMS provides authors with an advanced search panel allowing them to quickly filter, find and reuse their content.

In addition to full-text, searches can be based on any metadata, element or attribute allowing users to perform multi-criteria queries (ex. by topic ID, by title, by keyword, by status or by date range). The possibility to sort, filter, save and share queries are also provided. 

Metadata management

DITA CMS supports automated metadata capture (ex. Author, Last modified by, Revision number, Comments, Last Modified Date, etc) and also supports the ability to add custom metadata. All metadata will always be available as search criteria and may also be displayed in various views of the UI giving users a more comprehensive vision of their content.

Relationship table editor

DITA CMS provides a sophisticated relationship table editor allowing users to create dynamic linking between topics. Relationship tables make content reusable. Information architects will love how easy it is to create relationship tables, especially when using the intuitive drag and drop feature.

Access rights

In DITA CMS, access rights are determined by roles, groups and workflow state. These parameters will be used to determine if and when users have access to specific content.  Access rights are managed through a WYSIWYG admin tool.

Project management

Use the Project management view to assemble the staff responsible for documentation and review, to track the progress of the project maps, and to designate the localization language for each map.


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Other features include:

  • Advanced DITA Map editor
  • Dependencies View (where-used)
  • Task assignment
  • ToDo list
  • Reporting
  • Image management 
  • Project management
  • Support for MathML
  • Electronic signatures
  • Real-time content preview
  • Approval system
  • Red line compare
  • Offline support
  • Java API
  • Insert links to bug tracking systems (for example, Jira)
  • Ability to launch non-DITA content in their native application (for example, SVG)


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