DITA CMS is designed to actualize the DITA promises of content reuse, decreased translation costs and improved productivity. At IXIASOFT, our solution specialists are not only experts in DITA and CCMS implementations, but are also extremely knowledgeable about the diverse industries of our customers, including software, hi-tech manufacturing and medical device

Our solution specialists will help you create a compelling business case for your executives and stakeholders, as well as ensure a quick ROI with the successful deployment of DITA CMS within your organization.

Wondering who uses our CCMS technology? Check out a few of our customers below from our top industry areas.


In order to support the daily challenges within the software manufacturing industry, documentation managers must ensure that their teams have the proper tools in place that will allow them to focus on creating consistent and accurate content for customers. 

With DITA CMS in place, software manufacturers will be able to:

  • Manage the documentation of complex products
  • Manage and document parallel software versions
  • Seamlessly integrate new teams due to acquisitions 
  • Produce consistent documentation across a large variety of output formats
  • Involve additional resources – such as SMEs and engineers – in the documentation process 
  • Provide translated content for a global marketplace, while keeping translation costs low

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Hi-tech manufacturing faces many challenges due to globalization and the quick turnaround expected in the development and market launch of products. If all the gears in a manufacturing enterprise are not turning at optimal speed, profitability erodes overnight. 

The flow of communications must operate as smoothly as a Lean shop floor. It is beyond crucial for documentation teams to keep up with the fast pace of this industry.

With DITA CMS in place, hi-tech manufacturers will be able to:

  • Produce on-time delivery of documentation – even with short product cycles 
  • Deliver tailored content and documents that are consistent and accurate 
  • Translate content for a global marketplace, while keeping translation costs low 
  • Increase brand consistency and management

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Medical Device

The medical device manufacturing industry has helped to significantly advance patient care over the last 40 years with its development of innovative, life-saving devices. Production of these devices for an aging population and struggling healthcare systems worldwide, however, has put an enormous amount of stress on the industry, in addition to compliance requirements set by regulatory bodies across the globe.  

With DITA CMS, medical device manufacturers will be able to:

  • Perform flawlessly under the extreme pressures of the industry in terms of cost, competition, globalization and regulations
  • Produce on-time delivery of content even with short time-to-market cycles
  • Meet globalization requirements
  • Manage a growing number of non-DITA aware content contributors 
  • Demonstrate compliance with essential requirements and regulatory bodies by using functionalities that enable audit trails and electronic signature, for example
  • Optimize traditional labeling, package inserts and overall documentation processes

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These days manufacturers increasingly feel the pressure to be more efficient and to deliver better, more timely information about their products to customers both big and small. Increasingly, would-be buyers are looking to the quality of documentation prior to making a purchase—DITA can help streamline your content, making it more consistent, easier to understand and cost-effective to produce.

With DITA CMS in place, manufacturers will be able to:

  • Create more consistent content and branding experiences for customers
  • Be nimble in responding to market demands for accurate information delivered quickly
  • Develop cost-effective localization processes, aiding in globalization efforts
  • Reduce support calls with better-targeted, more concise documentation

Which manufacturing companies are using DITA CMS?


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