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DITA CMS is the leading component content management solution (CCMS) worldwide. Specifically designed to manage the entire DITA documentation process, DITA CMS provides all the tools required to “go big” and supports a complex documentation workflow from authoring to reviewing, localizing and publishing. 

DITA CMS hit the market in 2006 and has a solid track record among the documentation industry, having been deployed within leading organizations such as SAP, AMD, and BlackBerry. DITA CMS allows end-users to focus on creating valuable content for their customers without wasting time on search or formatting.

Reducing the amount of time spent on formatting should translate into an increase in our production of course, but the 200% increase in our output surpassed all of our expectations.
Keith Schengili-Roberts
Documentation & Localization Manager, AMD
Improved documentation quality and consistency

Improved documentation quality and consistency

Enhanced team collaboration and productivity

Enhanced team collaboration and productivity

On-time delivery of personalized documentation

On-time delivery of personalized documentation

Industry leaders are using DITA CMS. Join them!


IXIASOFT provides end-to-end services for the deployment of DITA CMS. We have developed a methodology to ensure the successful deployments of our CCMS solution worldwide. Services we provide include:

  • Technical Analysis meetings for the configuration of DITA CMS
  • Network and infrastructure analysis
  • DITA CMS best practices
  • On-site installation
  • Training (end-user, admin, IT)
  • Integrated pilot rollout support
  • Project management 

In addition to these deployment services, IXIASOFT can support customers who require specific services, such as the development of custom features or integration into 3rd party systems.

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