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Technical papers

    Provides an overview of the solution’s main features

  • Content findability
    Learn how to locate your content within DITA CMS using not only the solution’s powerful search functionalities, but using other tools helping users to organize their content effectively.

Case Studies

  • Altera - From FrameMaker® to DITA: How Altera Found Its Documentation Solution in DITA XML and the IXIASOFT DITA CMS 
  • AMD - DITA Component Content Management ROI: A Tech Pub's Realization
  • Sybase (An SAP Company) Now Content King with a DITA CMS to Manage Its Complex Enterprise Software Suite 
  • Lyra NetworkHow documentation can support the growth of Lyra Network internationally



  • IXIASOFT on SlideShare - visit our SlideShare account to view and download dozens of presentations from our team of experts.


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