IXIASOFT Professional Services

Building a solution that’s right for you

IXIASOFT has extensive in-house DITA and content management expertise. Our team of seasoned professionals is composed of world-renowned DITA specialists, IT experts, experienced project managers and multi-stack developers.

We are perfectly equipped to assist you from the introduction of DITA within your organization to a full, end-to-end deployment of our CCMS. By listening to your needs and understanding your requirements, we will help you deploy a solution that fits your specific authoring, review, localization and publishing needs.  

 Our professional services include:


Content Modeling

  • Reuse strategies
  • Information model definition and/or validation
  • Specializations & constraints development
  • DITA and CCMS best practices


Content Migration

  • Migration strategy
    • Legacy content
    • Localized content
    • From other CCMS solutions
  • Content conversion to DITA


IT Expertise

  • Infrastructure & network topology validation
  • Single or multi-site deployments


Configuration & Customization

  • Workflow configuration to fit with your business processes, including localization processes and Dynamic Release Management design
  • Output integrations
    • Third party DITA Open Toolkit plugins such as oXygen WebHelp and Miramo
    • Dynamic delivery tools such as Fluid Topics, DITAweb, and Zoomin 
    • Custom DITA Open Toolkit plugins
    • XSL development
  • Custom feature development
  • Integration with existing applications


Solution Training

  • DITA training
  • Solution administrator & end-user
  • DITA Open Toolkit training
  • Backend management training for on-premise installations


Ongoing Assistance

  • Upgrade assistance
  • Planning and integration of new teams
  • DITA consultancy



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