IXIASOFT K.K. is the Japanese subsidiary of Montreal software company IXIASOFT. Established in 2017, IXIASOFT K.K. actively promotes IXIASOFT CCMS within the Japanese community. With our website and user guides available in Japanese, the IXIASOFT CCMS solution has been revamped to meet the unique needs of the Japanese marketplace.

Formerly known as IXIASOFT DITA CMS, IXIASOFT CCMS is an enterprise-class component content management system that allows technical communication teams to streamline the content production process. The product offers an ideal end-to-end solution for authoring and delivering dynamic content on any platform or device.

Active Participation in the DITA Community

Global demand for DITA is on the rise. Japan is leading the way for Asia with grassroots technical writers and consultant organizations taking interest in the DITA standard. In addition, writing teams based in North America and Europe from Japanese companies are beginning to adopt DITA.

As a board member of the DITA Consortium Japan, and participants in events like DITA Festa and the TC Symposium in Kyoto and Tokyo, IXIASOFT has its finger on the pulse of the Japanese techcomm industry.

Meet the Team in Japan

Nobutoshi Murata

Nobutoshi Murata

Representative Director - IXIASOFT K.K.
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