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IXIASOFT at a Glance

We help you deliver fabulous content. In any language, on any device.


We aren’t your everyday software company.


We treat all clients, partners, and employees with respect. No matter who you are, you’re welcomed with open arms and a hot cup of coffee. We recognize (and embrace) individual differences.


Forging strong, long-term relationships is what we’re all about. We like to get to know who we work with—we’re the type of people who call and check in, just to see how you’re doing.


Listening is the key to success, and we’re all ears. Every client has a story. Our CCMS experts are determined to get the full picture to achieve positive results with each project.


Personal accountability is important to us, and we take full responsibility for our actions. We operate with full transparency; the best decisions are made when everything’s on the table.

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Our Motto

Our motto is simple: help customers succeed. Through the continual development, innovation and improvement of our technologies, products, and solutions, our CCMS experts aim to help every customer achieve their technical documentation goals.

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Our People

Thanks to our brilliant team members, we’re able to build powerful, top-of-the-line technologies and solutions. Abuzz with energy and talent, our workspace doesn’t feel like a traditional nine-to-five office. It’s more of an open floor to brainstorm ideas, discuss strategies, and exercise our passions. Our personable, energetic approach is reflected in how we do business, and it’s a primary reason why customers choose IXIASOFT.


For nearly 20 years IXIASOFT has proven itself a pioneer in content management software. The company provides innovative solutions to manage, share and deliver brilliant content. Founded in 1998 as a technology spin-off of CEDROM-SNi—the leading news information distributor in Canada and France—IXIASOFT provides leading software solutions to thousands of users in over 20 countries.

Our first product, TEXTML Server, was created in response to a global need for solutions to help manage large volumes of documents. Since its inception, TEXTML Server has been used worldwide by major companies like The Canadian Press, Reader’s Digest, and l’Assemblée Nationale.

Today, we’re global leaders in the development and sales of technical documentation solutions based on the DITA standard. Through an ongoing involvement with OASIS, we play an active and passionate role in the development and adoption of the DITA standard.

In addition to its headquarters in Montreal, IXIASOFT has a Japanese subsidiary, and a team in Europe.


IXIASOFT is proud to support Centraide of Greater Montreal through a variety of IXIASOFT annual fundraising events, including cyclothons, wall climbing-o-thons, ticket auctions, and “homemade” team lunches.

Recently, we formed our very own soccer team. Every Wednesday, a dedicated group heads to a local park to face off—we even have jerseys!

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IXIASOFT soccer team - people who are taking the pose


Eric Bergeron - CEO at IXIASOFT

Éric Bergeron

Chief Executive Officer

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My job is to listen to and understand the needs of clients and relay this information internally. I’m able to appreciate their business requests and constraints and provide a vision of the current market. I bring stability to our high-level client relationships.

Éric is the CEO and co-founder of IXIASOFT. He provides tactical direction to all divisions and oversees the growth strategy of the company. He honed his leadership skills during his years as a college hockey coach and professor. Éric is a published author in the field of computer science. He’s also an avid golfer, fisherman, wine lover, and foodie.

Caroline Couvrette - Vice President, Sales & Marketing at IXIASOFT

Caroline Couvrette

Chief Revenue Officer

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Instead of convincing the customer to purchase a product, my team listens to what the customer needs and proposes a solution that fits with their vision. Our goal isn’t to push people one direction or another, but to operate with an open mind.

Caroline has been with IXIASOFT for over 10 years. As Chief Revenue Officer, she’s in tune with what customers need, and an expert at providing them with a product they love. One of the best parts about working at IXIASOFT, says Caroline, is the long-term connections you form with customers and colleagues—many of whom have been with IXIASOFT for more than 10 years.

In her free time, Caroline enjoys golfing, skiing, and exploring new countries with her family.

Jean-François Ameye - Vice President Product at IXIASOFT

Jean-François Ameye

Chief Product Officer

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One of my personal strengths is the ability to explain or convey technical information in a simple way. Sometimes the user doesn’t speak the technical language, and it’s my job to bridge the gap between the two.

Jean-François has been with IXIASOFT since its inception in 1998. He’s our product guy and problem-solver, ensuring a seamless relationship between user and product. Having worked directly with most of IXIASOFT’s customers, he knows how to turn any problem into a solution.
In the office, Jean-François uses an old CD-ROM as a coaster. When he’s not working (which is rare) you can find him whipping down a mountain on skis, biking slowly, or playing hockey.

Stéphane Morency - Vice President, Professional Services & Support

Stéphane Morency

Chief Process Officer

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Nothing is as constant as change. I’m well aware of that motto and my role is to use my experience in operations and at a strategic level to introduce structure and process to manage this.

In 2013, Stéphane joined some of his old buddies—Éric, Jean-Pierre and Jean-François—at IXIASOFT to ensure the continued growth of the service division. Along the way he helped develop the hosting infrastructure which now supports the majority of new IXIASOFT CCMS Customers. With more than 30 years in the IT field with both technological start-ups and larger corporations, Stéphane has developed a deep love of lean processes and organizational effectiveness and is now responsible as Chief Process Officer for business process management, policy and compliancy.

Jean-Pierre Lortie - Vice President Research and Development at IXIASOFT

Jean-Pierre Lortie

Chief Technology Officer

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My role is to bring harmony; I want to get the best out of people, to get my team into “the zone.” When people are focused, everything goes faster. It’s my job to make sure that can happen. With this kind of energy, our results can really be stellar.

As Chief Technology Officer at IXIASOFT with 25+ years of experience in the software industry, Jean-Pierre provides expert guidance to the R&D, product, and management teams as they define the vision, architecture and technological evolution of IXIASOFT CCMS. When he’s not around computers, you can find Jean-Pierre doing cross-fit, cycling, skiing or playing the piano.

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