Are You Getting the Most out of DITA Content Reuse?

Are You Getting the Most out of DITA Content Reuse?

DITA was built around the idea of content reuse, but many content creators are not maximizing reuse within their own documents. When DITA content is optimized for reuse, content creators can focus on writing new content, reducing localization costs, and delivering more consistent copy.

In this presentation, IXIASOFT’s Senior DITA specialist Keith Schengili-Roberts examines the various levels of reuse possible within DITA, including what you need to know to get the most out of topic-level reuse, phrase-level reuse, and effective use of keys. He will also answer common questions relating to content reuse, including:

  • What are the benefits of DITA-based content reuse?
  • How do you measure content reuse?
  • What levels of reuse are considered optimal?
  • Can you go too far with content reuse?

Aimed at both new and experienced DITA users, Keith’s presentation looks not only at how to create effective content for reuse, but why it matters.