Ixiasoft CCMS


With hosted or on-premise DITA CMS pricing options, our subscription-based packs are able to fit your unique documentation requirements.

Currency: USD

* Annual billing.


Lite Users

Lite users are members of your organization who are part of the technical communication process but are not necessarily familiar with DITA CMS systems. This group may include content contributors, SMEs and reviewers.

Advanced Users

Advanced users are the DITA experts. This group may include information architects, technical writers, localization managers, toolsmiths and DITA CMS system administrators.

DITA CMS Customer Care

Once deployed, our team of experts will provide continuous support, including:
• Technical support
• Functional support
• DITA consulting
• IT expertise

Evolution lab

Each pack gives customers access to our IXIASOFT Evolution Lab. The Lab is a unique, collaborative platform designed to help craft your dream content management solution. Each plan entitles customers to a certain number of votes that will influence the product roadmap.


Customize your CCMS with our special add-ons.

Deployment Options

Choose one of three unique deployment options to get your CCMS up and running: hosted, on-premise, or on-premise 24/7.

Contact us to learn more about which option is best for you and your technical communication team.