Episode 14:
How to Get the Best Out of Your Localization Processes

This webinar aired on:

April 21, 2020

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM (EDT)

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What You’ll Learn:

Most DITA migration projects aim at saving costs in localization. However, many deployments do not reach the expectations. In this webinar, Dominique Trouche and Henrietta Taylor will review the different reasons why this happens (information model, content quality, localization process, localization provider…) and how to remedy.


Whether you are a content architect, documentation manager, technical writer, or localization manager, whether you are localizing into zillions of languages or only contemplating localization, whether you are working in a large or very small team, there is much to be learned from the experts who have benchmarked plenty of content practices. You will take away many practical ideas that will make your work more efficient and productive, and several new ideas to improve even further.

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