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Our Solution Approach

Every company has a story. For us, the first step in doing business is listening. Together we’ll develop a solution that fits your requirements for authoring, reviewing, collaborating, localizing and delivering dynamic content to customers.
IXIASOFT CCMS is not just an out-of-the-box product; it’s a configurable
solution backed by expert-level teams in development and customer support.

Our enterprise-class component content management system (CCMS) is based on the DITA standard. It makes managing each step of the documentation process simple.


To provide customers with a complete and tailored version of IXIASOFT CCMS, we offer additional functionalities which come from both IXIASOFT and top-tier technology partners.


We're fully equipped to assist your team; from the introduction of DITA within your organization to a complete, end-to-end deployment of our CCMS.

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