September 25-27, 2019

IXIASOFT User Conference

Connect with peers and learn from industry experts at CCMS Link 2019

Why Attend?







Why attend?

Why should I Link?

Get up-close and personal with the people behind our CCMS. Case studies, workshops, presentations…we’ll cover it all:

  • Presentations on the IXIASOFT CCMS product
  • Meet & greet with the CEO and other IXIASOFT team members
  • Workshops on existing features of IXIASOFT CCMS and the future of the product
  • Presentations from industry leaders about DITA and hot topics in techcomm
  • Q & A with IXIASOFT
  • …and a lot of fun
Who will I Link with?

Network with like-minded leaders in the software, medical device, semiconductor, heavy machine manufacturing, and telecomm industries at CCMS Link 2019.

  • Learn how other businesses use their CCMS
  • Discover how to optimize your CCMS with unique add-ons
  • Give feedback to IXIASOFT’s professional services team on the IXIASOFT CCMS
  • Brainstorm with other CCMS users on how to optimize your CCMS