September 25-27, 2019

IXIASOFT User Conference

Connect with peers and learn from industry experts at CCMS Link 2019



5 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Send You to CCMS Link 2019


Get the PDF for 5 key points to help you convince management that CCMS Link is valuable to you, your team, and your organization (and of course, for your own users or customers).

Why attend?

Why should I Link?

Get up-close and personal with the people behind our CCMS. Case studies, workshops, presentations…we’ll cover it all:

  • Presentations on the IXIASOFT CCMS product
  • Meet & greet with the CEO and other IXIASOFT team members
  • Workshops on existing features of IXIASOFT CCMS and the future of the product
  • Presentations from industry leaders about DITA and hot topics in techcomm
  • Q & A with IXIASOFT
  • …and a lot of fun
Who will I Link with?

Network with like-minded leaders in the software, medical device, semiconductor, heavy machine manufacturing, and telecomm industries at CCMS Link 2019.

  • Learn how other businesses use their CCMS
  • Discover how to optimize your CCMS with unique add-ons
  • Give feedback to IXIASOFT’s professional services team on the IXIASOFT CCMS
  • Brainstorm with other CCMS users on how to optimize your CCMS