DITA Localization Packs

Whether you need to say hello, bonjour, salaam, hola, ciao, or ol, we’ve got you covered with our DITA localization packs.

Need to translate your technical content? We offer DITA localization packs of five, 15, or unlimited languages perfectly suited to start small and grow as your translation needs evolve. As you publish for different audiences and cultures, the nuances of content will change. IXIASOFT’s localization packs make it easy to flip from one language to another, whether you’re just starting out or running a global business.

  • Easily change packs as translation needs evolve
  • Save translation costs by only translating altered content
  • Deliver Agile content to customers in their preferred language


Currency: USD

* Annual billing.

Contact us to learn more about which option is best for you and your technical communication team.