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Reviewer/ Contributor

IXIASOFT CCMS makes it easy to contribute, review and approve content—no DITA knowledge required!






Collaborative Review – Track Changes Review – Lite User – Word-like Editor – Approver
Our web platform facilitates integrating non-technical writers like SMEs, engineers, and reviewers into the documentation process.
Key features include Track Changes Review and Collaborative Review.
Cohesive Workflow with Collaborative Review

Collaborative Review allows more than one SME to comment on topics at the same time. In Collaborative Review you don’t directly edit the content, instead you comment (or “annotate”) what’s there. This way, the SME can go through the content they have been asked to review, and comment on anything they think needs to be changed or added.
With our authoring tools, annotations arrive directly at the topic level.

With new developments in the industry like IXIASOFT CCMS 5.0, SMEs can contribute directly to creating, editing, and reviewing content—on any device. Technical writers are able to concentrate on what they do best: communicate to users and become more effective mediators for providing information. IXIASOFT CCMS offers a solution for both players, rendering the technical documentation workflow more accurate and efficient.

Map-Level Approval

The map-level approval component has the technical controls necessary for working in an FDA-CFR-21 environment, with both map-level approval (multiple approvers) and source topic level approval (one approver). The feature is customizable with the approval mechanism, and is medical-device friendly.

Track Documents from Start to Finish with Track Changes Review

With Track Changes Review, users can now track who did what, when, and why. When users check in a topic, map or image into the CCMS, it is versioned. Now, you can right-click on the topic wherever it appears (either search or within a map most likely), right-click and select ``Revision history.`` It shows you when the changes were made, who did them, the user comments on the changes, and any other relevant info. With this feature, users will always have previous versions to revert to.

A unique feature allows for multiple reviewers to annotate at the same time.

Customized Templates for Contributing Content

IXIASOFT CCMS Web is customizable to use templates to input regular content types. The UX can also be customized to provide guidance and validation rules. IXIASOFT CCMS makes life easier, whether you’re an electrical engineer looking to update values for a microchip, a medical professional entering information into a standardized form, or a software developer updating an API value.

Standardized content can be turned into templates for easy input or updating.

Other Features

  • IXIASOFT CCMS enables many companies to efficiently produce content within an Agile framework
  • Lite authoring