Ixiasoft CCMS

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Your customers expect personalized content. With a DITA-based system, you can speak their language while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
Integration with Tools like Antenna House and oXygen XML WebHelp

IXIASOFT CCMS is compatible with many publishing tools. For sophisticated, multi-language PDF publishing, we work seamlessly with Antenna House, Miramo, and RenderX. For static HTML, IXIASOFT CCMS works with Oxygen XML WebHelp. For dynamic web publishing, we’ve teamed up with several leading firms including Fluid Topics, Zoomin Docs, and Congility DITAweb.

Efficient Document Production

At IXIASOFT, we are pioneers in dynamic publishing software. Content reuse not only provides a more consistent customer experience, it saves time. Your writers can focus on producing new, better targeted documentation. In addition, each object (topic, image, map) is tracked from creation to delivery to its next version, providing complete traceability on who modified it, when and why.

More time for what matters most: creating stellar content.

Localize More with Less

When it comes to localization, content reuse means one thing: cost savings. Once a topic is localized, the only thing left to pay for is content translation. Compared to working with unstructured content, your organization pays a fraction. In fact, some customers can afford to localize to more languages without any increase in budget.

Save big with IXIASOFT CCMS.

Flexible Publishing Engine

Thanks to our flexible dynamic publishing software, we guarantee positive customer experiences. You have full control over how your content is delivered—as a PDF, on the web, or within a customer portal. You can even set the system so customers can leave comments and provide valuable feedback.

Total control over content delivery.

Compatible with numerous sophisticated publishing tools.

Our dynamic publishing engine is salable, and can be integrated with your choice of publishing tools. The end result? Better customer experience all around.