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Experience the rise of the subject matter expert (SME) as an author with IXIASOFT CCMS.
Intuitive Authoring Tool for Easy Content Creation and Review – Enterprise-wide Collaboration – Aligned with Agile Content Development Best Practices

Document Content View – NEW

With the Document Content View, Reviewers and Contributors can now see the entire content of the document in a single view without having to open each topic individually.

More and more non-DITA experts or SMEs—like engineers, scientists, or regulatory experts—are becoming active players in the content creation and review process. Organizations must provide these team members with intuitive collaboration tools to create, edit, and review content.

In line with this vision, IXIASOFT introduces the full Document Content View to further enhance the user experience for these types of users. From their dashboard, the feature gives users the option to read and review content in its entirety, giving them a complete view of the document, and making it easier to understand the context in which they are working in.

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Web Editor for Those Who Don’t Know DITA

Subject matter experts are critical to the documentation process. Increasingly, Contributors like SMEs, product and software engineers, regulatory experts, insurance specialists, and medical staff, are becoming the primary authors of technical content. They have the knowledge necessary to produce accurate, quality documentation. But they don’t necessarily know DITA.


With the easy-to-use interface offered by IXIASOFT CCMS, the learning curve for non-DITA Contributors is gentle. With a user friendly WYSIWYG interface, and Word-like editing tool, the CCMS’ intuitive authoring tool requires no additional training. Online help is available directly in the system, and provides users with guided authoring with templates and web forms.


Centralized System for a Distributed Team 

IXIASOFT CCMS has a way of bringing all team members together. The tool offers a centralized system for teams working at a distance and ensures SME authoring collaboration.


Quality Assurance

Produce nothing but the best content with IXIASOFT CCMS. Explore our out-of-the-box integration with products like the DITA QA plugin and Acrolinx.


* Contributor user licenses are available as named or floating licenses.

Key Features
  • WYSIWYG web editor
  • Create topics and maps
  • Insert images and tables
  • Collaborate with other Contributors
  • Administrators can define templates/forms and validation rules to simplify and guide the editing action
  • Track documents and comments from start to finish with Track Changes Review, just like in Word
  • Fully DITA compliant

With your subscription you have the option to add both Contributor and Reviewer user licenses.

Learn more about what’s included for Reviewers.


Content review is essential to producing quality content. In IXIASOFT CCMS, multiple Reviewers can comment on topics at the same time. Finally—a tool that allows you to review and annotate content with the look and feel of the final document!

Contact us to learn more about which option is best for you and your technical communication team.