01novAll Day02STVY Fall Seminar: What Works Best for Your Products?(All Day) 33100 Tampere, Finland

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Join us at the STVY Fall Seminar 2018: What Works Best for Your Products?

Creating Content Experience Ecosystems

Date: November 1 – 2 , 2018
Time: N/A

Discover new cost-effective ways to deliver content to customers at the 2018 STVY Fall Seminar. Learn how these developments have given birth to several new buzzwords, including Information 4.0, Big Data, Chatbots, VR, AR, and AI, and which words are most suitable for your products.

Join IXIASOFT in attending the STVY Fall Seminar 2018 where expert speakers will introduce new technologies and help pair solutions with the appropriate product.


What can attendees expect to learn?

Sessions will be held around the following topics:

  • Documentation with a chatbot
  • AI
  • Publishing
  • XR
  • Document Management



November 1 (Thursday) - 2 (Friday)


Hatanpään valtatie 30

33100 Tampere, Finland