CCMS の概要


IXIASOFT CCMS を使用すると、テクニカルライターは自身が最も得意とすること、つまり質の高い正確なコンテンツの作成を容易に行えるようになります。







Built with the oXygen XML Editor, our product simplifies each step of the process, including authoring, collaborating with other authors or SMEs, and reviewing content with editors. Key features include Track Changes Review and Collaborative Review.
Built-in Professional Writing Features

With popular oXygen XML Editor built-in IXIASOFT CCMS has everything you need to start working right off the hop. While new writers can take advantage of the Word-like Author mode, experienced writers benefit from the tag-level precision of Text mode. The product includes spell-check, on-the-fly XML validation, and other powerful features.

初心者でも DITA ベースコンテンツ作成のプロでも、必ず第 1 日目から質の高いコンテンツを作成できるようになります。


To improve the overall quality of your content, use Schematron within oXygen XML Editor to enable in-house style rules. To get a better handle on content production metrics, check out our variety of built-in tools.



With robust workflow and search capabilities, our product makes it easy for writers to find content for reuse, and route it to editors, SMEs, and other reviewers prior to translation or publication. Our Word-like web interface hides the complexity of DITA, enabling anyone to create DITA-based content, regardless of XML knowledge. Advanced features in the integrated desktop environment provide writers the ability to find topics for reuse and manage them among team members.



Regardless of content repository size, IXIASOFT CCMS provides incredibly fast search results, eliminating the headache of sifting through old content for reuse. Extensive metadata associated with each topic allows your team to find content written by individual SMEs or other contributors, content produced in a specific time frame, content produced in other languages, and much more.



Losing content is a thing of the past. IXIASOFT CCMS automatically keeps track of all revisions and comments. Revert to previous revisions, use a diff compare tool to highlight differences between revisions, or take advantage of the IXIASOFT CCMS Snapshot feature to record the state of an entire document at a specific point in time.

5 回目のリライトの時に最初のバージョンが最善であることに気付いた場合は、簡単にコンテンツを元に戻すことができます。 完全な監査証跡機能もご用意しています。


  • Advanced DITA Map editor
  • Dependencies View
  • Task assignment
  • Image management
  • Support for MathML

  • 赤線比較
  • SVG などの画像を容易に参照して、ドキュメントに挿入
  • 非 DITA ソースコンテンツ(Word、FrameMaker、画像ソースなど)を DITA コンテンツに関連付けて参照することが可能
  • DITA Open Toolkit (DITA-OT)のどのバージョンとも連携