Ixiasoft CCMS

IXIASOFT CCMS V4.6 and 4.5

December 21, 2017

This release’s key feature is the integration of the oXygen XML Web Author Component with DITA CMS Web—our powerful, fully DITA-compliant web editor that provides an intuitive, Word-like experience to Lite users like SMEs, engineers, and reviewers.

With this integration, DITA CMS 4.6 has all the features your Lite users want, all within a customizable framework that simplifies their experience. The DITA editor supports forms, has Schematron capabilities, guides users to utilize the correct markup, and imposes your business rules.

Web 4.6

  • oXygen XML Web Author Component integration
  • Map View for specialized map: lite users will be able to visualize and browse any assigned map regardless of their specialization level

Core 4.5

  • Library Dependency Editor: allows an information architect to globally change many dependencies of DRM structures
  • Redline compare improvement for DRM: technical writers will now be able to compare any map with any other snapshot or map from the same product or library