Create and Deliver Personalized Content With DITA Based on your Role and Goal

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In this webinar, we will explore how different people in an organization can create and deliver personalized content using DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture). We’ll delve into the structure and features of DITA, and demonstrate DITA’s effectiveness based on three key roles in an organization:

  1. The information architect
  2. The technical writer
  3. The CxO

    Using real-world examples, attendees will recognize the power that DITA enables as we cover its key features, such as topics, maps, and conditional processing, to create tailored content for different audiences. We will also cover best practices for content reuse and modularity, reviewing both powerful, time-saving ways to identify content reuse and ways it can be integrated into component content management systems (CCMS) with DITA for easy distribution and management of personalized content.


    Christopher Hill
    Technical Product & Project Manager, DCL

    Derek Fess
    Pre-Sales Consultant, IXIASOFT, a MadCap Software Company