DITA-OT Day and ConVEx Europe 2022

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Join the IXIASOFT team at ConVEx Europe from November 14-15 in Rotterdam!

Previously known as DITA Europe, the event is back in-person after two years. The conference brings together content professionals, and supports their efforts in defining and executing a comprehensive content strategy.

The program offers career-empowering knowledge, practical solutions, best practices, and networking.

Check out the full agenda, and make sure to catch us and our customers in Rotterdam!

IXIASOFT is proud to support oXygen XML Editor‘s DITA-OT day on its 7th year. DITA-OT day is a one-day complimentary conference dedicated to the DITA Open Toolkit project, DITA-OT which is the reference DITA implementation and the core of almost all DITA-based publishing solutions.

This year, the DITA-OT day will be hosted on November 13th, in conjunction with ConVEx Europe.

DITA-XML: A Foundation for Innovation

Date and time: Monday, November 14th at 10:30 AM (Track 2)
Speaker: Steve Gaskin, Arm

Like most organisations, Arm has hundreds, if not thousands, of employees contributing content from its architecture and engineering teams. With so many content creators, the organisation faced challenges to achieve consistency, and to efficiently transfer their knowledge into documentation deliverables. In this session, you’ll learn how standardising on DITA XML as their conversion format allowed Arm to build a set of collaboration tools to create and publish documentation.

We’ll also discuss our plans to upgrade to the IXIASOFT CCMS web client (our primary source archive) bringing the CCMS back into the heart of our content operations and closing the loop on our innovation journey to streamline our content operations seamlessly.

maximizing content reuse using templates

Date and time: Tuesday, November 15th at 1:15 PM (Track 1)
Speakers: Frédéric Fontbonne, bioMérieux and Yamina Dessein, IXIASOFT

Achieving content reuse is a challenge, especially for geographically distributed teams of authors managing an extensive range of documentation.

Several years ago, bioMérieux moved to DITA as part of their IXIASOFT CCMS deployment. In the process, they turned their industry’s regulatory requirement to use templates into an opportunity to maximize their content reuse. The company thus achieved significant translation savings, content consistency across technical documentation sets, and even facilitated new author onboarding.

Join Yamina and Frederic’s session to learn how to attain similar results and hear their lessons learned.