LavaCon Content Strategy 2022

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Coming up this fall, The Lavacon Content Strategy Conference, scheduled from October 23-26, 2022 in New Orleans. This year, the conference’s program will focus on how content can be created and shared across organizations.

As always, content professionals will have the opportunity to share best practices, network with peers, and build professional relationships.

Registered participants will also get access to a wide range of On-Demand presentations to stream before the live event.

Swing by our booth at the conference, and make sure to attend our very own Leigh White’s presentation on October 24th!

Find out more about the event, and register here with the referral code Exhibitor22 to get a $100 discount on conference tuition.


Date and time: October 24 at 3 PM CDT
Speaker: Leigh White, DITA Specialist at IXIASOFT

When large enterprises roll out a component content management system (CCMS), they often do so one team or division at a time. The first team into the CCMS gets to call all the shots…the content model, the configuration, the workflow processes. Ideally, the teams that follow, being part of the same enterprise, fall into line with these initial decisions…but it rarely works out that way.

Each team has been its own little kingdom for years and has developed its own way of doing things. Merging multiple disparate teams into a single CCMS is always an exercise in diplomacy and compromise—both on the part of the CCMS users and the CCMS vendor.

This presentation will share some of the common challenges that content creators and CCMS vendors encounter when onboarding new user groups and how to find solutions that everyone can accept and work with.


Attendees will learn about some of the challenges (some technical, some procedural, some personal) that companies often face when merging new groups into an existing CCMS and how to meet those challenges in an effective and positive way.

IXIASOFT is proud to be a Silver sponsor at LavaCon 2022.

customers’ sessions

  • How Analog Devices Brought Its Content Silos to the Playground to Play Nicely Together, Scott Farrar, Analog Devices and Maura Moran, Mekon
  • Setting Boundaries: Effectively Prioritizing Content Requests and Keeping Your Sanity, Christi Guzik, DocuSign