NORDIC TechKomm Copenhagen 2022

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Join the IXIASOFT team at NORDIC TechKomm Copenhagen, the Conference on User Experience and Technical Communication, from September 21-22, 2022!

Intelligent Information for Users” is the main theme of this coming edition. Participants will benefit from sessions on a variety of topics, including, content generation, agile project management, technology development, user assistance, customer interaction and collaboration, and more. Register today!

Save the date, and make sure to catch sessions by our customers and team.

How Sulzer pumps finland is moving to a ccms to streamline its documentation process

Date and time: September 21st at 2:55 PM CET
Speaker: Henna Kormu, Development Manager – Product Documentation at Sulzer Pumps Finland

About the session:

With thousands of users to serve globally, Sulzer Pumps Finland needed a solution to efficiently manage content, decrease documentation lead time, and cut translation costs. Find out why they decided to move from traditional documentation to a CCMS, and the phases of the transformation. They will also share ideas to handle the transition, and onboard teams of tech writers and SMEs.


  • Move to CCMS for streamlined documentation workflow
  • Enhance SME contribution with collaborating tools
  • Migrate traditional documentation to DITA XML to optimize content production
  • Onboard team through learning & knowledge transfer

Content engineering sustainability – how to go green

Date and time: September 22nd at 11:10 AM CET
Speaker: Nolwenn Kerzreho, IXIASOFT

About the session:

Enhancing management & processes to reduce waste and encourage increased sustainability is a trend in green engineering. The same can be applied to your content strategy! Going Green will resonate with those content professionals familiar with a minimalistic approach. In this talk, we’ll discuss how to create to the point, sustainable content, while optimizing resource management. With the entire organization committed to building a sustainable framework, Going Green gives content professionals a chance to do their part.

Join us to find out how to Go Green by applying waste reduction principles to create better, sustainable content.