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Find out how your company can excel with the IXIASOFT CCMS Solution.
The IXIASOFT Solution: IXIASOFT CCMS is more than an out-of-the-box product. It’s a configurable content management system backed by expert-level teams in development and customer support. IXIASOFT ensures clients get the most out our product by providing a knowledgeable support team and a product tailored to your needs.
Every company has an origin story. IXIASOFT takes the time to understand the intricacies of each organization; we want clients to get the best out of our DITA CCMS software. IXIASOFT’s DITA experts will develop a solution that fits your requirements for authoring, reviewing, localizing and delivering dynamic content to customers with help from our technical documentation tools.


Another reason why our DITA CCMS software is a top choice: it’s scalable. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a burgeoning startup, our tools improve team collaboration, deliver personalized documentation on time and under budget, and enhance document quality and consistency. Our DITA CCMS software will get you where you need to be.

A CCMS benefits companies with developed technical documentation teams and a constant and complex output of documentation. Although IXIASOFT CCMS supports firms in a wide variety of industries, our client base comprises three main sectors: semiconductors, software, and medical devices.

A semiconductor up close.


Semiconductor firms were among the earliest adopters of DITA XML architecture. These included international companies like AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm. What many semiconductor firms have in common is their vast number of subject matter experts participating in the content production process. Content must be provided in multiple languages, and many firms face pressure to reduce localization costs while keeping content quality high.

In today’s market, there is much acquiring and consolidation, resulting in firms merging at an astounding rate. Technical communications teams’ workloads might double in a day, whereas resources may no follow. In such a fast-paced environment, efficiency is crucial.


With a CCMS, semiconductor firms can:

  • Deliver documentation on-time (even with short product cycles)
  • Produce easy-to-find documents and accurate and consistent content
  • Translate content at a low cost for an international marketplace
  • Improve brand management and consistency
  • Take more requests


The quality of software is often determined by its usability. What makes software usable? Thorough documentation. For most software companies, customers want one thing: a consistent content experience with personalized and accurate information. IXIASOFT CCMS provides a system to manage daily challenges while improving productivity and reducing translation costs.

With IXIASOFT CCMS in place, software companies can:

  • Manage the documentation and release of parallel software versions
  • Produce reliable and consistent documentation across a range of output formats
  • Involve additional players, like engineers and subject matter experts (SMEs) in the technical documentation process
  • Manage all aspects of documentation for complex products
  • Integrate new teams with ease
Two screens with code and pictures.
Medical devices

Medical Device Makers

IXIASOFT CCMS provides one of the most robust and reliable systems for content management in the medical device sector. While abiding to strict federal regulations on electronic records and signatures, the CCMS keeps confidential documentation safe, organized, and under control. With the FDA-CFR-21 feature, which enforces a double signature for permit validation, confidential content stays in the right hands. The CCMS is designed for maximum content reuse, saving valuable time and energy.


Medical device makers using IXIASOFT CCMS can:

  • Trace documents at all steps of creation and publication
  • Minimize the cost of translation and content production (this is particularly high in the medical device sector)
  • Improve risk management: ensuring confidential and critical documentation stays safe
  • Streamline technical content lifecycles
  • Trust IXIASOFT CCMS to adapt as documentation needs grow (no need to transition to a new CCMS)

Our enterprise-class component content management system (CCMS) is based on the DITA standard; an open XML-based standard for publishing and authoring. It makes managing each step of the documentation process simple. Don't know DITA? Don't worry. Unlike most CCMS systems, IXIASOFT's DITA CCMS software doesn't require any prior knowledge of the standard. It's offered both on-premise and hosted.


To provide customers with a complete version of our CCMS system, we offer additional functionalities like data and site replication and localization packs, from both IXIASOFT and top-tier technology partners. Learn how you can enhance your DITA CCMS software by browsing our unique list of add-ons.


We're fully equipped to assist your team; from the introduction of DITA within your organization to a complete, end-to-end deployment of our CCMS software. Our professional services include configuration and customization, content modeling, solution training, ongoing assistance, and more. Find out more today.

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