Learn what sets us apart from the crowd.


IXIASOFT is an enterprise-class software company offering a technical DITA documentation solution from A to Z. Through Agile content delivery, we’ll enhance and transform your customer experience—on any platform or device. With over 20 years of experience in technical documentation, our signature product IXIASOFT CCMS comes backed with a team of world-renowned industry experts.

Key Differentiators


IXIASOFT CCMS was the first DITA CCMS on the market based on an XML database.

The content produced with IXIASOFT CCMS is 100% DITA content—not IXIASOFT property.

Our streamlined documentation process allows writers to focus on what’s most important: crafting and delivering brilliant content.

Team Expertise

IXIASOFT’s in-house DITA expertise includes pre-sales, sales, product concept and development, direction, and design.

Our IXIASOFT team is made up of talented individuals in North America, Europe, and Japan, many of which have worked with us for over 10 years.

We’re proud members of OASIS, and actively participate in ongoing discussions about the future of DITA documentation.


Our product is designed to grow alongside your business, no matter how much your technical documentation needs may develop.

We are constantly developing new and innovative add-ons to help businesses streamline the technical communication process. These include localization packs, site replication, Dynamic Release Management, and more.

Our CCMS allows for cross-functional collaboration for all team members, including SMEs, information architects, reviewers, and localization managers.