Ixiasoft CCMS

Information Architect

IXIASOFT CCMS puts you in the driver’s seat. How you adjust the system to fit with your business workflow is entirely up to you.

Quality Content – Project Modeling – Flexible Workflows – Dynamic Release Management

The product includes features for managing complex documentation workflows, measuring productivity, tracking progress, and more. Information architects will notice improved documentation processes and outcomes not just at the onset, but long-term.

The Right Tools for Producing Consistent, Quality Content

IXIASOFT CCMS provides information architects with the necessary tools to structure new content and measure content production.

Improved documentation quality makes for satisfied customers.

Flexible Workflow

The workflow engine of IXIASOFT CCMS is flexible. Each content object can follow its own approval cycle. Features like task assignments and email triggers make it easy to track due dates. Our product ensures timely and quality delivery of all documentation.

Improve your existing document approval workflows.

Project Management View

Use the Project Management view to assign members of your team to write content, add SMEs for reviews, and ensure the right people approve content before it goes out the door. You can also designate the localization languages for each document.

Manage your documentation projects instead of having them manage you.

Branching and Dynamic Release Management (DRM)

IXIASOFT CCMS provides out-of-the-box branching features to support the maintenance of versioned sets of documentation. Dynamic Release Management (DRM) is an optional module enabling greater flexibility and clarity for managing product releases.

Experience unparalleled publication flexibility for any product release.

Create Parameters with Access Rights

In IXIASOFT CCMS, access rights are determined by roles, groups, and workflow state. These parameters are used to determine if and when users have access to specific content. Access rights are managed through an easy-to-use WYSIWYG admin tool.

Easily manage who can access what, from where.

Other Features

  • Creating/adding DITA specializations and constraints
  • Creating and applying all types of metadata, taxonomy, labels
  • Using stubs allows for quick creation and testing
  • Creating templates for the writing teams
  • Support for keys and other advanced DITA features