Ixiasoft CCMS

Localization Manager

Looking for efficient, cost-effective localization? IXIASOFT CCMS is your go-to software company for handling structured content.

Cost-effective Translation – Nimble Localization – Sim-ship Docs

Whether you’re preparing documentation in multiple languages for a release date, or trying to find the most cost-effective way to localize product content, IXIASOFT CCMS has the tools and localization strategy you need.

Hit Deadlines Faster with the Localization Scheduler

IXIASOFT CCMS is known for its flexibility. Waiting around for a document is frustrating and time-consuming. With our localization strategy view real-time updates on the status of individual-source content. Use the Localization Scheduler to stay organized; it automates the localization process by connecting IXIASOFT CCMS with any TMS (including SDL World Server, Trados, and XTM Suite).

Save time and increase efficiency.

Reduce Localization Costs

Who doesn’t love saving money? IXIASOFT CCMS is smart enough to automatically reuse previously translated content. Material that has already been translated is never sent out twice, significantly reducing cost-per-word, and ensuring a high quality standard.

More money in your pocket.

Omni-Channel, Multi-Language Publication In-House

Instead of paying your localization service provider for localized publications, IXIASOFT CCMS enables multi-language output for a wide range of publication types, including PDF, HTML, online help formats, and more. The system is fully UNICODE compliant; it can work with any language. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with code pages and associated processing costs.

A localization strategy compatible with any language.

Cost-Effective Pivot Language Feature

The Pivot Language feature means localization managers can choose a target language. The selected language can be used as an intermediate around which all other translated languages “pivot.” Instead of paying to translate content from German or Simplified Chinese directly to another language, using a pivot language ensures more consistent and cost-effective localization.

Streamline localization processes.

Reduced Word Count Makes Creating Localization Kits Easy

IXIASOFT CCMS’s localization strategy supports both native DITA or XLIFF formats, providing flexibility for use with popular Translation Management Systems (TMS). Create localization kits automatically when your content is ready to send to your localization service provider. The system also auto-translates material prior to being sent out, substantially reducing translation costs.

Automated systems alleviate stress.

Effective Localization QA

IXIASOFT CCMS automatically checks the validity of content when it comes back from a localization service provider so XML formatting issues are spotted before entering the system. Localization QA can be performed by an internal person familiar with the language.

Ensures clean, concise, well-formatted content.