Ixiasoft CCMS

System Administrator

Monitor, manage, and control your workspace the right way.

Access Rights – Robust, Enterprise-Class DITA CCMS – REST API- Configurable and Extensible

IXIASOFT CCMS is a powerful and feature-rich system.

Hosted Service = No Installation Hassles

IXIASOFT CCMS is a fully hosted service on Amazon’s robust Cloud Computing Services (it’s also available and/or on premise). Choose your preferred bundle of services and features, and the system will be up and running. Any software updates are coordinated well beforehand, alleviating unwanted surprises for you and your team.

A stress-free installation process.

Robust and Enterprise-Class

IXIASOFT CCMS is a highly scalable solution with hundreds of users. It provides an easily accessible content store to global organizations with dispersed documentation teams.

A product designed to grow alongside your business.

Working with Third-Party Tools Made Easy

IXIASOFT CCMS is based on an API compatible with just about any major third-party web-based tool. The system can be integrated with dynamic publishing platforms, translation management systems, customer relationship systems like Salesforce, and more.

A robust API for working with third-party tools.