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Enhance IXIASOFT CCMS with add-ons from our DITA CCMS one-stop-shop. Choose from a variety of options including Dynamic Release Management, localization packs, and site replication.

Enhance your CCMS with top-notch add-ons from IXIASOFT. Our DITA CCMS add-ons are developed in-house or with our partner network to offer more ways to streamline your technical communication process. Whether you’re an information architect, system administrator, or subject matter expert, our DITA CCMS add-ons help your team excel. Our end goal is simple: improve your customer experience. Whether you opt for a dedicated SaaS or on-premise solution, customize your CCMS with document translation services, data replication, and more with IXIASOFT CCMS.


IXIASOFT Dynamic Release Management

Managing multiple product lines? Need dynamic branching capabilities? This add-on is for you.

IXIASOFT Localization Packs

Our localization management workflow is flexible. Choose from five, 15, or unlimited language options for your translation needs.

IXIASOFT Site Replication

Ensure optimal CCMS performance for teams across the globe with this DITA CCMS add-on.

IXIASOFT Staging Environment

An additional non-production server for further testing, QA or staging.

IXIASOFT Data Replication

Your reliable alternative to in-house backup or disaster recovery technology.

oXygen WebHelp for IXIASOFT CCMS

Transform DITA content into an organized online help with the oXygen WebHelp for IXIASOFT CCMS add-on.

Miramo for IXIASOFT

Our Miramo add-on provides an easy-to-use template designer to quickly and easily create PDFs from DITA content.

Congree for IXIASOFT

Our Congree add-on enables technical writers and contributors to check their content for compliance and company style rules.

Discover our flexible dedicated SaaS and on-premise pricing packs.