Data Replication Tool

No in-house disaster recovery system? Don’t sweat it. IXIASOFT’s data replication tool can provide additional servers to ensure incremental data backups.

“Replication” creates one or more copies of a primary docbase. These copies, also known as secondary docbases, are synched to the primary docbase.

Once the primary docbase is updated, the secondary docbases show the same changes. This ensures a copy is always available, even if the primary docbase is lost. The IXIASOFT data replication tool is used to set up incremental backups through a transaction-saving mechanism.


  • Saves time and costs of owning in-house backup or disaster recovery
  • Ensures incremental data backups
  • IXIASOFT data replication tool provides no-fail disaster relief
  • Automatic updates to all secondary docbases

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