Generate sleek, personalized PDFs with the Miramo for IXIASOFT CCMS extension.

MiramoPDF offers a suite of applications that make PDF design fun again! There’s no need for developers to design or designers to develop. MiramoDesigner is a fully graphical desktop template designer that enables you to design page layouts, format text and tables, and choose from pre-existing variables (or create your own) to easily include metadata in headers, footers, and cover pages. The result is beautiful PDF templates without needing to know XSL or CSS. However, the MiramoPDF generation process uses a DITA Open Toolkit plugin. If you want to get under the hood, and fine-tune processing by editing templates or stylesheets, you can. It’s the best of both worlds.

MiramoComposer is a powerful PDF rendering engine that combines a MiramoDesigner template with DITA content to generate top-quality PDFs. Pair it with MiramoEnterprise, a multi-threaded job handler, and you have a PDF generation toolset that can handle multiple requests from multiple users quickly and efficiently.

The Challenge

Generating personalized PDFs is an important part of the publishing and branding process.
Creating a personalized DITA OT plugin from scratch requires a high level of programming expertise.

The Solution

Miramo for IXIASOFT CCMS provides a powerful automated publishing software for structured data and XML.

The Miramo add-on eliminates the need for external consultancy by providing a ready-made user interface for configuring templates. Adapted for use by non-specialists in programming (like graphic designers), the add-on can easily be integrated into any workforce.


  • A seamless extension of IXIASOFT CCMS
  • Uses the more intuitive Miramo XML rather than XSL-FO
  • One dedicated and centralized technical and functional support team at IXIASOFT, (no more dealing with multiple suppliers)
  • Democratizes the editing process of PDF templates in DITA
  • Reduces time and costs associated with hiring external programmers
  • Allows for the rapid deployment and update of solutions and content initiatives
  • Free desktop-only trial version available


  • Integration product chain
  • Fully GUI template design
  • Easily integrated into the Output Generator
  • Expert product support available from IXIASOFT
  • Responsive development team
  • New features frequently available

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