oXygen WebHelp for IXIASOFT CCMS

Transform DITA content into an organized online help system with the oXygen WebHelp plugin for IXIASOFT CCMS.

oXygen WebHelp for IXIASOFT CCMS

oXygen WebHelp for IXIASOFT CCMS transforms technical content into clean, informative HTML pages. User interface can be enhanced with a highly customizable table of contents, text search capabilities, index navigation, and various delivery formats. Working with a server-based product is beneficial for everyone on your technical documentation team; having all users go through a single server to publish outputs to the web ensures a coherent look, and is much easier to maintain.

No matter what your requirements, IXIASOFT’s oXygen WebHelp plugin offers a wide selection of layouts. In addition, IXIASOFT provides centralized support for your entire CCMS solution, reducing the headache of dealing with multiple suppliers at once. Check out how IXIASOFT integrates the oXygen WebHelp plugin into its platform here.


  • One dedicated and centralized support team at IXIASOFT, minimizing the headache of dealing with multiple suppliers
  • A natural extension of IXIASOFT CCMS
  • Ability to update content continuously


  • Powerful full-text search
  • Out-of-the-box product
  • Automatic index generation
  • Table of contents navigation
  • CSS and HTML fragment customization
  • 100% DITA compliant
  • 100% IXIASOFT CCMS compliant
  • Responsive
  • Designed to adhere to U.S. government accessibility standards
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Feedback

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