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CCMS Pricing

IXIASOFT offers a flexible, enterprise-class pricing model designed to grow and adapt to your needs.

Our subscription-based packs fit your unique documentation requirements.

Find out how you can benefit from our enterprise-class technical documentation tool and the myriad add-ons that come with it.

Optional User Licenses

Contributor User Illustration


Are you involved in the authoring or review process of technical documentation? IXIASOFT CCMS provides easy-to-use tools for Contributors, who are not necessarily familiar with DITA, so they can be incorporated into the techcomm process. Explore our user licenses to learn more about SME authoring in our CCMS.

Reviewer User Illustration


Content review is essential to producing quality content. In IXIASOFT CCMS, multiple Reviewers can comment on topics at the same time. Finally—a tool that allows you to review and annotate content with the look and feel of the final document!

FeaturesAdvanced UserContributorReviewer
Create advanced content in DITAyesnono
Create content with a Word-like editoryesyesno
Annotate and review contentyesyesyes


IXIASOFT offers additional features like Dynamic Release Management (DRM), localization packs, and data and site replication from both IXIASOFT and top-tier technology partners. Learn how you can enhance your DITA CCMS software by browsing our unique list of add-ons.

Contact us to learn more about which option is best for you and your technical communication team.