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TEXTML Server provides a native XML repository and powerful search engine to solution offerings.

Aimed at content management application developers, TEXTML Server provides a native XML repository and powerful search engine to solution offerings.

Whether you are building an application for your own organization, or one to sell to customers, TEXTML Server was designed to be embedded into mission-critical applications. It is the go-to scalable XML database.

TEXTML Server has been embedded into many document-centric applications, including:

  • Digital asset management
  • Knowledge management
  • Editorial content archiving

IXIASOFT is committed to providing a scalable XML database so our partners can build their solutions with ease and agility. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with both partners and customers. We want to make sure they have our full attention—this strategy has contributed to TEXTML Server’s success since 1998.


Offers enterprise-class reliability and scalability

Accelerates development cycle

Provides a central repository for robust information retrieval


Native XML support

TEXTML Server’s performance stems from its unique approach to managing documents. In sharp contrast to most XML-enabled databases that decompose files and store them in a relational or object-oriented database, our scalable XML database does not alter the original XML file. Documents are stored in their native, unmodified format. When a document is inserted into TEXTML Server’s XML repository, it is parsed and indexes are built according to the structure of the document. As a result, users are not required to associate specific DTDs or schemas while storing documents in TEXTML Server, enabling the storage of multiple document structures in a single environment. TEXTML Server fully supports XML standards such as XPath, Namespaces, and DTD/schemas.

Powerful and Fast Search

TEXTML Server’s high performance XML query language enables users to find the exact content they are looking for, even when dealing with millions of differently structured documents. Our XML database provides powerful, real-time search with fast retrieval times and relevant search results, including highlighted search terms, which can always be re-sorted using additional criteria. Search operators include Boolean, proximity, frequency, priority, Wildcards and complex truncation.

Performance and Reliability

At the enterprise level, TEXTML Server enables organizations to maintain peak performance, availability and scalability as demand increases. In fact, it can store and query multiple millions of XML documents and handle an unlimited number of users all in a single database. Additional enterprise-class features include: multiplatform support (Windows and Linux), load balancing, clustering support, transactional core, automated recovery and live backup, replication, and syndicated search.

Flexible Indexes

Because of our conceptual indexing approach, application designers have the flexibility to decide which elements and/or attributes will be indexed or not and which type of index (ex. full-text, string, numeric, time or date ranges) will be created based on the content. This approach allows for greater business agility—a requirement when dealing with differently structured content. Read more about “conceptual indexing” in the TEXTML Server whitepaper.

Dynamic Indexing

New documents are immediately available for searching as they are inserted into the document base. TEXTML Server instantly updates appropriate indexes as documents are added, modified, or deleted, enabling real-time access to information.

Multiple File Format Support

Any binary file, such as images, video, and PDFs can be stored in the repository. TEXTML Server also leverages Adobe’s XMP metadata platform, enabling XML metadata to be read and indexed by TEXTML Server.

Complete Set of APIs

The unified API interfaces fully support all of TEXTML Server’s functions. Its APIs include COM, JAVA and .NET.

Standard Support

All relevant W3C standards, including XML, XPath, Namespaces, DTD/schema, and Unicode are supported.

Document Management Functions

In addition to supporting pure databases functions, our scalable XML database provides document management functions such as enabling users to lock/unlock documents to control user access and the versioning of documents.

Document Security

Various security roles restricting access to the server can be assigned to documents, collections, and specific documents. Users will only be displayed with search results corresponding to their profile.


TEXTML Server’s replication scheme allows content to be published from a master server to one or many subscribers. The replication feature allows the distribution search loads and accommodates geographically dispersed servers.

Syndicated Search

For large deployments with multiple TEXTML Server databases, the “Meta Services” feature enables users to query multiple document bases and/or multiple servers and obtain a single search result.