Our Expertise

World-renowned DITA experts ready (and happy) to help.

IXIASOFT boasts a skilled team of in-house DITA experts, IT specialists, experienced project managers, and multi-stack developers. Our extensive content management expertise makes us well-equipped to assist you from start to finish.


We’ve helped multinational companies like SAP, BlackBerry, and Komatsu save money and streamline their content creation process. We’ve also connected talented writers, editors, and subject matter experts from across the globe to create powerful content creation teams.

Our in-house DITA experts dedicate time and energy to help craft the future of DITA. IXIASOFT encourages employee involvement at international conferences to help spread knowledge of DITA best practices and processes.


Our experts have contributed to academic publications on technical communications, conducted research on worldwide use of DITA, and crafted case studies of successful DITA deployment strategies.

Our IT team has the technical knowledge and practical experience to help build an efficient, fault-free infrastructure for content creation across your company.

Responsiveness is key when it comes to content management software. Our IT team works tirelessly to ensure content creators work in an efficient, no-fail environment.

Our system can be customized to work with pre-existing tools or to match existing workflows. Some examples of custom development include:


  • Developing custom style sheets for output, such as creating professional PDFs to incorporate your company’s branding and look-and-feel
  • Customizing DITA-OT plug-ins to better fit with existing toolchain
  • Tie in to other third-party tools, such as automated connections to bug tracking systems

Our experts provide guidance and advice for SMEs on working with the system, optimizing the DITA CMS for tracking projects, and working with JIRA and other third-party tools. In addition, we guide you in optimizing localization processes and integration.

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