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CCMS stands for component content management solution. IXIASOFT CCMS is designed to simplify and streamline an organization’s technical documentation process by organizing content (words, phrases, photos, and procedures) at a granular level. These bits of content, also known as “components,” are stored in a central repository. The components can then be re-purposed for publishing on a variety of channels in all languages.

Our product is provided and crafted by experts in the industry. Customers can expect an enterprise-class and feature-rich solution coupled with in-depth customer support. Our pride is in our product, but also in the relationships we have with clients, some of which have lasted for more than 10 years. Want to know what customers are saying about IXIASOFT CCMS? Check out our testimonials page.

IXIASOFT CCMS can be applied to a variety of industries, but is especially useful to organizations reusing large amounts of content, publishing through a variety of mediums, and publishing in multiple languages. Currently, our product is used in software and telecommunication industries, and by semiconductor, medical device, and heavy machinery manufacturers.

Yes, IXIASOFT CCMS can be accessed and used on a desktop, mobile, or tablet.

IXIASOFT CCMS 6.2 is known for its versatility. Designed for both the DITA expert and the lite user, this product can be accessed by all team members, including subject matter experts (SMEs), project managers, and system administrators.

The time it takes for full integration of the CCMS depends entirely on the size and type of organization. From planning to closure, the CCMS takes an average of about six months to implement.

IXIASOFT ensures each organization undergoes extensive training before and throughout the implementation of the CCMS. Whether clients choose the dedicated SaaS, or on-premise deployment option, our team provides in-depth training to ensure there are no setbacks in your day-to-day.

The main differences between CCMS Web and CCMS Desktop:


  • Lite users can be authors and create and edit a topic or map
  • Lite users can assign topics or maps
  • oXygen side panel provides topics’ CCMS properties
  • Information architects can create templates and associate them with a role
  • Content level security: information architects can set read and write access to user groups on DRM products or libraries
  • Can be accessed by all devices


  • Build Manifest are DRM objects, new instances are created with new instances of their map
  • Ditaval are CCMS objects, with statuses and a revision history
  • Option to limit search to current DRM version
  • Support of External ID on import
  • Built on Eclipse 4.7.3 framework