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DITA Content Strategy Relies on Structured Content: A Tale of Three Conferences

As usual, this year’s fall lineup of the world’s major conferences for technical content managers and creators—Best Practices, Tekom Tcworld,…

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SIGDOC: Educating Tomorrow’s Technical Communicators

While I receive many conference invitations, I was particularly intrigued when I received an invitation out-of-the-blue to present at the SIGDOC conference…

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Don’t Wait for the DITA 2.0 Standard to Migrate to DITA

Some of my colleagues and I have run into a few people at recent conferences who have been asking how…

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Content Games, Business Assets, and Automation at LavaCon Dublin 2017

The theme for this year’s conference was “Spanning Silos, Building Bridges,” which called speakers and presentations on the topics of…

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Interview with Leigh W. White: DITA for Print 2nd Edition

Check out the full interview here. Learn more about Leigh W. White’s new book DITA for Print, 2nd Edition (XML Press) by…

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Who Uses DITA?

My main source for finding new companies to add to my list of DITA users on the DITAWriter website is…

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Industry 4.0: An Opportunity for Smart Content

In the past few years, technical information development shows and conferences have been looking closely at topics surrounding Industry 4.0…

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IXIASOFT Member Becomes OASIS DITA Adoption Committee’s New Chair

It is our pleasure to announce that Keith Schengili-Roberts, Market Researcher and Senior DITA Content Strategist at IXIASOFT, has become…

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Lightweight DITA: What Is It and Can I Use It in the DITA CMS?

One of the biggest obstacles to DITA adoption is its perceived complexity. As of DITA 1.3, the complete element list…

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