Working with a compare tool

To see the differences between two objects, you use a compare tool.

The IXIASOFT CCMS provides access to two compare tools:
  • Compare Editor: By default, the Compare Editor is a text compare tool provided with the Eclipse SDK. It displays the source object and the target object and allows you to see the differences between the two versions, do 2-way and 3-way comparisons between the objects, and apply or reject changes from the source version to the target version. The following diagram shows the Compare Editor:
    Topic 1 conflict compare
    This document provides some information about using the Text Compare tool. For the Eclipse documentation on this tool, see Comparing resources in the Workbench User Guide (
    Note: You can also configure it to use a different compare tool for the synchronization. This is done by opening the Window > Preferences > IXIASOFT CCMS > General Behavior panel and specifying a compare tool. See the IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop User Guide for more information.
  • Default Editor: The Default Editor is the Oxygen track changes editor (if the Oxygen XML Editor is installed). It shows the changes in a single document (the target object) using the Oxygen track changes markup. For example:
    Oxygen track changes editor

    For more information about this editor, see

    Note: Oxygen is the only supported editor at this point.

You can use the tool of your choice but you cannot use both compare tools in the same revision, otherwise you will get unexpected results.