Reconnect to RDP server in a dedicated SaaS deployment

Reconnecting to IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop in a dedicated SaaS deployment involves double-clicking a remote desktop connection on your local machine and then opening CCMS Desktop.

  1. On your local machine, double-click the RDP file icon, which launches a Remote Desktop Connection window.
  2. In the Windows Security dialog box, enter your credentials:
    1. Enter your domain\username using the domain and username specified in your account creation email from IXIASOFT.
    2. Enter your password, which is specific to IXIASOFT CCMS.
      Even if you use common company credentials for CCMS Web, you must use IXIASOFT-specific credentials for CCMS Desktop.
    3. Click OK.
    The Remote Desktop Connection window opens.
  3. Inside the new window, double-click the IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop icon.
    CCMS Desktop icon inside Remote Desktop Connection
CCMS Desktop launches in a new window.