Create a Build Manifest

The first step is to create the Build Manifest object.

To create a Build Manifest for a map:

  1. In a view that lists the map, right-click the map and select Create Build Manifest.
    The Create Build Manifest window is displayed:
    Create Build Manifest window

    The following table describes the fields in the Build Manifest window:

    Table 1. Build Manifest window
    Field Description
    Id Id of the Build Manifest object. This field is generated automatically and cannot be modified.
    Title Name of the Build Manifest.
    Description Description of the Build Manifest object. The description will be added to the <shortdesc> element of the object.

    Flag that can be used by the NightBuild script in a query to determine whether to generate the Build Manifest. For example, if you have a script that runs every night to generate the output for the maps in your Content Store, you can write a query that uses this field as follows:

    • Mode=Debug: The NightBuild script does not generate output for the Build Manifests that are in Debug mode. This lets you debug your Build Manifest using the interface without impacting the night build.
    • Mode=Production: The NightBuild script generates output for the Build Manifests that are in Production mode.

    Email address of the person to notify when the build is completed. This does not have to be a user.

    You can enter multiple addresses, separated by either a space or a comma. The addresses can take any of the following forms:

    2. name <>
    3. <> name
    4. (name)
    5. (name)
    Note: For this feature, you must configure the notification message as well as the SMTP information in the Output Generator. See Installing CCMS Output Generator for more information.
    Mapref ID of the map to generate.
    Language List of default languages into which to generate the outputs.
    Template Template to use to create this Build Manifest object.
  2. Enter the fields as appropriate for your Build Manifest.
    For example, the following diagram shows the window for a User Guide:
    Create Build Manifest window for the User Guide
  3. To open the Build Manifest after you created it and configure the default values and output types, select Open build manifest in default editor.
  4. Click Create.
    The Build Manifest object is created. If you selected the Open build manifest in default editor, the Build Manifest object is opened in the editor, as shown below, and the values you entered in the Create Build Manifest window are displayed:
    Build Manifest main window
    The Build Manifest window has the following tabs:
    • Default values: Specifies general information about the Build Manifest. It also lets you configure default values for ditaval files, languages, and user parameters. The default values are used for all the output types defined in the Build Manifest, unless you override them for a specific output type.
    • Outputs: Specifies the different types of output into which to transform the source map. You can override the default ditaval, language, and user parameter values for an output type in this tab.
    • XML Preview: Provides the XML preview of the Build Manifest object. You cannot modify the XML source.

The next step is to set default values for ditaval files, languages, and user parameters.