Customize the Search view layout

You can rearrange the Search view panels to suit your working habits. You can also hide panels that are not used often.

For example, if you work with different languages, you might want to move the Languages panel up near the top of the view.

To customize the Search view layout:

  1. Open the DITA perspective.
  2. Open the Search view.
  3. Click the Show/hide panels button.
    The menu with the panel names is displayed:
    Figure: Show/hide panels menu

  4. Clear the panels that you wish to hide or select those you wish to view.
    The view is refreshed with your changes.
  5. (Optional): To re-arrange the panels displayed, do the following:
    1. Click the Show/hide panels button.
    2. Select Enable drag and drop.
    3. Drag the various panels to place them in your preferred sequence.
    4. Click the Show/hide panels button, and clear the Enable drag and drop option.

Your settings are saved and will be available for subsequent sessions.