Troubleshoot unresolved cross-references

Unresolved cross-references occur when IXIASOFT CCMS cannot locate a file that is being referenced. The CCMS offers tools to help you troubleshoot them.

The CCMS verifies cross-reference dependencies in the following circumstances:
  • When a user attempts to change a map's status: It checks all the map's child topics to ensure that the document objects referenced are located within the map.
  • When a user attempts to delete a document object: It checks to ensure that the document object is not referenced within any active topic.
If the CCMS finds an unresolved cross-reference, the attempted action is canceled, and the user is presented with a Cannot delete or a Cannot change status window. Follow the procedure below to resolve the cross-references.
Figure: Cannot delete window

To troubleshoot unresolved cross-references:
  1. In the window, select an unresolved cross-reference.
  2. Click Locate.
  3. Click OK.
    The information for the selected cross-reference is displayed in the Search Results view.
  4. Expand the Locator node to display the maps or topics that reference the document object.
    Figure: Parent maps for a to-be-deleted topic

    In the example above, the topic is referenced in two maps.
  5. To resolve the problem, check the parent maps. Do one of the following:
    • If the cross-referenced topic is being deleted because it is inaccurate, remove the topic from these maps and if applicable replace it with an updated topic. Release the affected maps to update them, and re-attempt the status update or deletion.
    • If the cross-referenced topic is still relevant for these maps, do nothing--the delete operation would have been an error and has been avoided.