Add a taxonomy term to a taxonomy

Use the Taxonomy Terms view to add taxonomy terms.

  1. In the Taxonomy Terms view, right-click the root node of the taxonomy.
  2. Select Edit Taxonomy.
    The taxonomy is locked, and the word [EDITING] appears beside it.
  3. Right-click either the root node or any of the child terms under it and choose one of the following:
    • Append Child Term – adds a term as a child of the selected term or taxonomy. This is the option you'll use when you add your first terms to a new taxonomy.
    • Insert Term – adds a term at the same level as the selected term. (Not available at the root node.)
    A row with "Untitled" values appears at the selected level.
  4. Enter a Human Readable value for the term.
  5. Double-click the term's Vocabulary Term Value.
  6. Enter a Vocabulary Term Value for the term.
    This may be the same as the Human Readable value or may be different depending on how your organization uses taxonomy terms.
    If the Vocabulary Term Value already exists, the following message is displayed:
    A term with this value already exists. Do you wish to use the existing term?
    • To use the existing term, click Yes. You have completed this procedure.
    • To enter a different term, click No and specify another Vocabulary Term Value.
  7. Right-click the root node of the taxonomy and select Save Taxonomy.