Project and deliverable highlight colors

These highlights indicate projects and deliverables that are close to or past their milestones.

In the Project Management view and in the Deliverables list, colored highlights help you identify projects and deliverables that are approaching or past their due dates or milestones.

Highlights in the Project Management view

In the Project Management view, the color of the project folder indicates the ownership of the project, as follows:
  • Blue folder (Blue project folder): Projects that you own
  • Yellow folder (Yellow project folder): Projects owned by another coordinator
In the Project Management view, deliverables that are approaching or past their designated milestones are highlighted in the following colors:
  • Yellow - the deliverable is within a week of a milestone.
  • Orange - the deliverable is up to 2 weeks past a milestone.
  • Red - the deliverable is 2 weeks or more past a milestone.

These colors are removed once the milestone's completion date is recorded.

Note: The exact time intervals are configurable. Your CMS Administrator can tell you exactly when the colors are set up to appear in your system.

Highlights on the projects use the same set of colors, but reflect the project’s relationship to its due date.

The example below shows what you would see on January 23, 2008 if you had a project (Test Project 2) that was due on January 21st. Test Project 2 has an orange highlight – it’s less than 2 weeks past its due date.

The map Setting Up Remote Access, on the other hand, has missed two milestones and is close to another. In the Project Management view, you can see that those milestones are highlighted in red and orange and yellow, respectively, and that the map name is also highlighted in red.

Highlights in the Deliverables list

The same system of highlight colors is used in the Deliverables list, but with slightly different connotations. If a project is getting close to its due date, then the map that’s responsible for the slippage is highlighted with the color that reflects the project’s status.

In the example below, the map Setting Up Remote Access has an orange highlight. This indicates that the entire project (Test Project 2) is several days past its due date, and that it’s the Setting Up Remote Access map that’s causing the problem.