Prepare a pre-localization kit

You can use a pre-localization kit to send the translation team a snapshot of a preliminary version of the content. They can use this to prepare their translation memory before content is ready for translation.

You can generate pre-localization kits at any point in the document development cycle, and they can contain as many output languages as you require.

Note: Pre-localization kits are not available for the sequential localization method. Because IXIASOFT Dynamic Release Management (DRM) uses the sequential localization method, pre-localization kits are not available for DRM.

When you create a pre-localization kit, IXIASOFT CCMS Desktop tries to auto-translate the content using any previous translations. The result is collected into one file per target language.

The localization process requires a substantial amount of system resources. If you are localizing several maps in many different languages, you may notice an impact on your computer's performance.

To prepare the pre-localization kit:

  1. in any view, right-click the map and select Localization > Prepare Pre-Localization Kit from the menu.
  2. In the Select Languages dialog, select the target language(s).
  3. Click Create.
    The Generate Kit dialog appears as the localization kit is generated and zipped.
  4. Once the localization kit is prepared, do one of the following:
    • If Auto save is enabled, the Generate Kit dialog displays the location where the file was saved. Click OK.
    • If Auto save is not enabled, the Save As dialog appears. Pick a filename and location, then click Save.
    You enable auto save when you configure your import and export directories.

The pre-localization kit is output in XLIFF format and DITA format.

Each XLIFF translation unit contains the original source text. It also contains the automatically translated text or a copy of the source text if auto-translation was not possible.